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I just finished my National Journal Writing Month (NaJoWriMo) entry for today and here I am on what is oftentimes my public journal. I stumbled on NaJoWriMo  4 days ago and was extremely excited because although I have had a journaling habit for decades, I have been censoring myself heavily when it comes to anything of importance (which defeats the purpose of journaling don't you think?) I thought NaJoWriMo would be a way to journal without being alone with my difficult thoughts. I was wrong. 

About 5 minutes after finding the site, I read these words "This month's NaJoWriMo is focused on the theme of "Unleashing Your Creative Mind Through Journal Writing." That is soooooo NOT me. I thought ok, I will just try NaJoWriMo in January. I am not an artist and these prompts will probably involve drawing, painting, or some other task that will leave me feeling inadequate and frustrated. I was wrong.

Although I had told myself that I would not be participating this month, I still went back to the site every day to read a little bit more. On day 4 I saw a prompt that was absolutely, positively sooooooooo me.

Day 4: Create Personal Door Signs. For today's prompt write and/or draw three signs that you would hang on your home door, work door, or even your forehead to let others know what you allow and don't allow in your life.

After completing my day 4 entry I went back to complete Days 1-3. I plan on completing the entire month. 

Positive impacts of NaJoWriMo thus far:
1. I am blogging again.
2.I learned about 750 words and the Day One journaling app.
3. I am using many of my journaling supplies that I had neglected. I hate being wasteful.
4. I am journaling again.

Yes. I am journaling again. I have been wrestling with concepts of shame, guilt, (lack of) regret, all of which require me to be deeply honest with myself. I can't deal with these issues while censoring what I write. NaJo WriMo has given me back the freedom to write for my eyes only. More accurately, I should write that I reclaimed journaling and my private writing space.

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