Hour 9 Mini Challenge: Book Scavenger Hunt

Courtesy of Just One More Thing:

Look at the item list below and find a word, phrase or thought IN THE BOOK YOU ARE CURRENTLY READING that fulfills that item.


Something hard: "When they were still at the bar and Ying Li was telling Hector about herself (of course now he realised that she hadn't told him everything) she'd told him how much her sisters earned in a month: he'd worked out that it was half the price of the bottle of white wine Edouard had ordered, sparkling next to them in its ice bucket." (p.33)

Something fast: airplane

Something sweet: "Happiness is being with the people you love." (p.48)

Something high: ..."Hector could see magnificent green mountains all around and, down below, the sea dotted with boats. (p.35)

Something funny: "Pills are a bit like sweets: not everybody likes the same ones." (p.3) Funny, but true.

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