Libraries Making a Difference

Along with being a public librarian, I am also the clerk of my Meeting's Library Committee. Serving Friends in this way is an honor and a privilege. Recently a Friend asked for a Pendle Hill Pamphlet on depression. When s/he returned the pamphlet I asked if it had been helpful or if I needed to find additional materials to meet her/his needs. The Friend was kind of enough to share that the pamphlet was indeed helpful. After reading "Depression and Spiritual Growth" by Dimitri Mihalis an intervention was held by the family. Please hold this family, and all families dealing with depression, in the Light.

Member: You know you have a reputation.
Me: Complete look of dread on my face
Member: You have a reputation for finding just the right book for someone to read.
Me: Thank you so much! That is one of the nicest compliments I will ever receive.

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