'Tis The Season... to do my Happy Dance

This week in libraryland I received quite a bit of good news. This is not necessarily holiday related news, but it is the holiday season, sooooo 'tis the season for me to do my happy dance. Since I last posted on the blog I received this email

Dear Regina Renee Ward,
Congratulations! ******* ******** Branch Library has been selected as a library distribution site  for World Book Night that will take place on April 23, 2014. Thank you so much for agreeing to participate!

There was more to the letter, but I was too busy squealing to continue reading. I proceeded to call/email EVERYONE and squeal with delight while doing my happy dance. I sang. I danced. I pleaded with everyone to apply to be a Giver before January 5th AND to choose my library as their pickup location ( They chose my library. They chose my library.) 

Later that same day...
YALSA's 2014 Morris/Nonfiction Reading Challenge Begins Ok, so I love a reading challenge. This announcement totally made a great day phenomenal! Last year, I started the YALSA Hub Challenge late and didn't get to geek out for the allotted amount of time. This year is different; I started day 1 and began geeking out immediately. 10 Books in 7 Weeks? I got this! My plan is to read all five finalists for the Nonfiction Award before starting in on the finalists for the Morris Award.  I am very eager to read one book on this list in particular.


So, that was on Monday. What a great way to start the work week. 

I must say I am pleased to share that my work week also ended in fine fashion. I owe my thanks for a wonderful Friday evening to an 8 year old young man who invited me to his stage debut as the Best Frog EVER! Thank you Sir Leaps-A-Lot.

So, what makes you do your happy dance? Do you leap like a frog?

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