Heartwarming Thoughts for the Cold Weather Blues

Baby, it's COLD outside! For those of you who don't know me, I do NOT like cold weather. Now, I have been known to complain (well, start complaining, because I complain about the weather from about October-June) when the temperature dips below 70, but this time my complaints are legitimate. This past week the temperature has been between -13 and 10. Just for the record, 10 is not worthy of being named a high temperature for the day, and day, ever.

Ok, so this week's post may not seem very Friendly or very literary, but it will have both literary and Friendly components. We have established that it has been cold, and I do not like cold weather. So, you ask, what have been the highlights of the week that have made you forget about the cold for even the briefest moments of time? I am so glad you asked.

Living the Quaker Way: Timeless Wisdom For a Better Life Today
I am reading this one very slowly. I am a fast reader, but this one is one to be savored. It is one on which to reflect and ponder and pray. When reading a passage on simplicity, I stop fantasizing about a roaring fireplace and think about how blessed I am to be sleeping indoors with a warm blanket and socks.
Long Walk to FreedomNelson Mandela  
I cried and cried when I learned that Nelson Mandela had passed away. I cried even more when I went online and read what some mean-spirited people had to say about his passing. It has become a trite saying, often said in jest, but for me "never read the comments" are words to the wise. However, Nelson Mandela's own words were the words that made a difference to me on Fifth Day (Thursday)  "We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference."  I was at work at the library and a display was quickly put together  including the two books pictured above. Thinking about Nelson Mandela's life and legacy left me feeling warm and hopeful.

Yesterday was Take Your Child To a Bookstore Day. Yes! It is actually a day. That is simply amazing and it made my day. I posted to Facebook and Twitter. I looked at all of my friends' posts and I smiled.#nerdlution for the win.
Now it is your turn. What has made you smile and forget the cold for a few brief moments this week?


  1. Yeah. You have cold. Phew.
    The other night, my son and I were snuggled up, reading. He still lets me read aloud and I adore the closeness. Kept me warm all the way around.

    1. Kevin, I love that image. There is nothing quite like snuggling up to share a book with a loved one. Thank you for commenting. I was just telling my friend that she is the only person who reads my blog, and here you are.