World Book Night - Application Process Part 1

In order to encourage everyone to apply to be a book giver, I have decided to make aspects of my experience public. So, first for my selection process. Choosing the book and the recipients is similar to a chicken and the egg scenario. For the purpose of clarity, I will start with the books and then decide on my community members who are potential recipients.

The Books
  • A book I have never read (I will read all books before I complete my application)

  • A book that piques my interest

  • A book that has appeal factors for potential recipients in my community.
These are the contenders: 

168668         Same Difference

589819           Bobcat and Other Stories

Tales of the City (Tales of the City, #1)          The Dog Stars

Potential Recipients in my Community
  • Seniors living in an apartment building on a bus route near the public library where I work.
  • Adults at the Recreational Center across the street from the library where I work.
  • People who use the drop-in center in my neighborhood for women, children and transgender individuals who are experiencing homelessness and poverty.

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