Truth in Fiction - Manga Edition Strobe Edge by Io Sakisaka

Strobe Edge, Vol. 1 (Strobe Edge, #1)

"Lately, I've been feeling truly blessed for being surrounded by such good people... Because I get to do my work while surrounded by these people, I haven't had to deal with work-related stress...It's because the goodness of the people around me has a healing effect. I'm surrounded by hard workers who serve as my role models. They're so inspiring... Do your best or don't do it at all! BE WELL-ROUNDED AND DO YOUR BEST!" (Io Sakisaka's motto)Vol. 5

Many of us do not get to choose our co-workers. I myself deal with quite a bit of work-related stress, but surrounding myself with positive people has helped tremendously, and in ways I wouldn't have imagined.

"It feels amazing to be yourself without having to worry about what others think." Vol. 6

I agree 100%

"Be Strong and carry on. That's what I told myself that summer night." Vol. 6

Technically, this post should not be part of the Truth in Fiction series because these words from Io Sakisaka are not from the text of Strobe Edge, but from the "free pages" in Strobe Edge where Io Sakisaka shares herself with her readers, so the truth is in the book just not in the fiction. Right?

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