Truth in Fiction - All The Truth That's in Me by Julie Berry

All the Truth That's in Me

"I never knew a man could speak so boldly, so rudely to a woman. I never knew words could act like fingers, touching where they ought not, grasping their pleasure at the victim's expense." p 183

Most of the women I know remember the first time that a man's words had this effect on them. Do you remember the first time someone spoke to you in a way that violated your being?

*"Maria has taught me anew how to speak; I must teach myself better, when not to." p. 188

There is power in speech. People attend classes to become better speakers and join clubs to overcome the fear of public speaking. Yes, there is power in speech, but there is also power in silence. Perhaps as part of every speech or public speaking class, time out to be allocated for lessons on when not to speak.

*emphasis mine

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