30 Days and Counting

Okay, so I have 30 days left until Staging (Orientation). I received my invitation on Fourth Month 19 and at that time I had 73 days until Staging. Now I only have 30 days remaining. So, what have I been up to, you ask? I am glad you asked that question. The short story is I have been completing paperwork, researching the Philippines, and enjoying time with friends and family. For a detailed account continue reading...

  • Aspiration statement and updated resume 
  • Pre-Arrival Questionnaire
  • Host Family & Site Placement Questionnaires 
  • No-fee passport and Visa Applications 

Enjoying Time with Friends and Family
Fifth Month 27, 2011
  • Completed reading the Philippines Welcome Book on the flight to Tucson, AZ to visit a friend from PC Botswana
  • Arrived in Tucson, AZ. Talked the night away with my friend.

Fifth Month 28, 2011
  • Breakfast at IHOP Yum green apple, raspberry, and strawberry lemonade
  • A trip to the post office to mail my IFLA membership application (Huge smile)
  • A trip to the Pima County Public Library (I tweeted my visit...RsquaredPCV)
  • Dinner at Guadalajara Grill with Rosie

Fifth Month 29, 2011
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Purchased a Starbucks Frappuccino (overrated, but I checked an item off of my to do list)
  • Blessed to attend Pima Monthly Meeting.
  • Received my first professional  manicure ( I think I got ripped off, but I checked an item off of my to do list)
  • Dinner at Caruso’s Italian Restaurant (spinach and seafood cannelloni)

Fifth Month 30, 2011
Returned to Denver, CO

Researching information about the Philippines
In the name of research, I checked out over 35 books, travel guides, language CD's, and maps from the library. I also e-mailed seven volunteers who are currently serving in the Philippines with my questions and concerns related to serving as an "older" volunteer, libraries in the Philippines, and African-American hair care in the Philippines. Please see the "Books" tab where I will list and discuss the books I read about the Philippines and during my service in the Philippines.

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