Commencement Weekend

Sixth Month 3, 2011
Commencement Day. I did not attend any ceremonies, but I did take the day off from work, borrowed a car, and set out to cross off two more items from my to do list.
  • manicure/pedicure - ( overrated and I immediately regretted spending the money for something I could have done myself.
  • movie on opening day -  X-Men: First Class (I enjoyed the movie but, (spoiler alert) did the one black man in the movie have to die? Yes, of course he did.)

Sixth Month 4, 2011
Today I had an "appointment" to spend time with a Friend from Meeting. I planned to leave the house at 06:30, catch the bus and be at REI before 09:00. My plans went awry at 06:31, but the day went according to God's plan and was a blessing on so many levels...more on this later when I post about "walking".

Sixth Month 5, 2011
Sabbath. I rested in the Lord and allowed my emotions to surface. I will deal with the emotions later, but for now I have acknowledged the complexity of my emotions at this time in my life. Thank you Lord for your guidance and your love.

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