What a Pleasant Surprise

Me: Good morning. May I please speak with patron?

Patron: This is she.

Me: Hello. This is Regina Renee from the public library. You returned a book with $ inside. It appears you were using it as a bookmark. I am just giving you a call so that you can come pick up your money.

Patron: No. I make it a practice to leave $ inside books when I return them to the library. It is an act of kindness for the next borrower. Even if they don't like the book, they received a little treat.

Me: That is an act of kindness. Have a nice day. Thank you for using the library.


Believe in the Possible - The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm

The Fourteenth Goldfish

"Average people just give up at the obstacles we face every day. Scientists fail again and again and again. Sometimes for our whole lives. But we don't give up, because we want to solve the puzzle...Scientists never give up. They keep trying because they believe in the possible... That it's possible to create a cure for polio. That it's possible to sequence the human genome. That it's possible to find a way to reverse aging. That science can change the world. " ~Grandpa p. 47

"Science is powerful. There are always consequences - wonderful and terrible. I suppose I lost my way for a moment in all the excitement and forgot what Salk* said."  ~Grandpa, P. 181

"What did he say?"
"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors"

*Jonas Salk (October 28 1914 – June 23 1995) was a medical researcher and author, the inventor of the Salk vaccine against Polio, and the founder of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

"To the possible!"
I am not a scientist, but I have failed again and again and again. I am not a scientist, but I keep trying because I believe in the possible. That it's possible to find the perfect book for any situation.  That it's possible to improve the lives of others one interaction at a time. That it's possible to attain intellectual freedom for all. That love can change the world.

Do you believe in the possible? If so, please share in the comments. Cheers, here's to the possible.