Everyday is Thanksgiving

Eleventh Month 24, 2011

I recently received a text message asking me how I explain Thanksgiving. I have never explained Thanksgiving before, but my response to the text was simple: Thanksgiving is a day set aside for giving thanks. 

As the title of this blog suggests, I adhere to the tradition of conservative Friends in not celebrating holidays. Every day is a blessed holy day as given to  us by God.That being said, being in a foreign country for Thanksgiving has made me very aware of the actual holiday and I dedicate this post to God and to all of the people for whom I am thankful.

I am thankful for life, health, and strength. I am thankful for long walks in the sunshine. I am thankful for tuko, the gecko, who makes me laugh with his nightly serenade. I am thankful for the frogs who greet me at my doorstep in the evening. I am thankful for my medical kit. I am thankful for colleagues who encourage me to teach and learn. I am thankful for parents who trust me to teach their children. I am thankful for children who trust me with their thoughts and ideas. I am thankful for ink pens and letters from friends.  I am thankful for authors who dare to put radical ideas in print.I am thankful for books. I am thankful for my Sony Reader. I am thankful for Project Gutenberg.I am thankful to God for it all.

A Thanksgiving Devotion for 1 Thessalonians 5:18
I praise You God, that the things that happened in my past, both enjoyable and painful, are raw materials for blessings, both in my life and in the lives of others. I choose to look beyond my past and present troubles in this temporary life - and fix my eyes on the unseen things that will last forever. I praise You for the eternal glory these things are piling up for me as I choose to trust You.
Author Unknown

Thank You
I am thankful for friends and family who lift my spirits and keep me grounded.

I have been the recipient of so much love, generosity, kindness and support. I am thankful for that love, generosity, kindness, and support; It has sustained me.

Thank you Mountain View Friends Meeting
Thank you Raenell
Thank you Kathryn
Thank you Rosie
Thank you Shar
Thank you Patty
Thank you Constance
Thank you Karen
Thank you Amy B.
Thank you Jane
Thank you Gail
Thank you Jaron
Thank you Evelyn
Thank you Jerica
Thank you Alarice
Thank you John

I received a text message today wishing me a Happy Tofurkey Day from my friendly neighborhood vegan. I am thankful for that text message. It made me smile. Thank you Kevin.