Shout Out to the Feel-Good Librarian - 1

I consider the Feel-good Librarian my sort of librarian. I discovered her blog recently and believe that if we knew each other, we would be kindred spirits. We both enjoy walks and labyrinths, but more importantly we are inspired by the myriad of people who approach the reference desk. There are so many wonderful aspects of librarianship, but helping people access the information they want or need is the absolute best.
FGL does not blog anymore, but I enjoy interactions of the feel good variety with several library patrons, and so with a shout out to the FGL, I am going to share some of those interactions on this blog from time to time.

"The BBC Ladies" are two mature white-haired women who come into the library together promptly at 9am on Seventh Days. The first time we met, I overheard them whispering and giggling about some movie being "far too racy". I asked if they needed help finding anything and they said no, they were just browsing. I continued shelving DVDs  (now with a smile on my face) as they browsed the shelves. When they entered the library the following week, we greet one another with a smile, and I ask again if they need help finding anything. They give each other a look, and then look at me, the youngish looking African American woman standing in front of them.

BBC Lady #1: Oh we tend to like a different type of show.

Me: Okay. What kind of show are you looking for today?

BBC Lady #1: We like British comedies.

Me: Do you like Keeping Up Appearances?

BBC Ladies now wearing shocked looks on their faces and sporting a twinkle in their eyes

Me: Hyacinth Bucket (or Bouquet as Ms. Hyacinth likes to hear it pronounced) is a riot...

It was not a life changing moment, but it did change the tone of the day. The ladies and I enjoyed a wonderful chat about Hyacinth and her many exploits. We talked about EastEnders, Doc Martin, and the BBC Ladies even took my recommendation to check out Ballykissangel. Yes, I know Ballykissangel is set in Ireland and is not a  British comedy, but the priest who is transferred to BallyK is English, and yes the show did air on BBC.