Happy Happy Birthday Week

A F/friend who is not a fan of birthdays was thoughtful enough to send me a "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK" message. The message made me giddy (imagine me giddy over a birthday related correspondence...shocking, I know) and made me laugh out loud. 

This being my birthday week, I have begun enjoying birthday treats. 

First Day 3-16-23
What a glorious Sabbath! It wasn't freezing outside. Worship was deeply meaningful. I felt...connected. I enjoyed a lovely walk to my favorite indie bookstore followed by a pleasant conversation with a dear friend  in "Tangentese" (My friend made up that word).Tangentese is the language of speaking in tangents. It is the language of friends. You know when you have those rambling conversations where you start off talking about the Sabbath and end up talking about the awesomeness that is the Swingline stapler from "Office Space"? These conversations are punctuated by comments such as, "My house is broken" and must include random quotes from "Brown Sugar". Yes, a wonderful start to a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Birthday treats: a bottle of Sparkling Grapefruit Izze and a pleasant conversation. I feel like I should explain why Izze qualifies as a treat. Beside the fact that it's a treat simply because I like it, I enjoy drinking out of glass bottles and belching quite loudly. I drank my beverage, belched loudly, and laughed hard. Happy birthday to me.

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  1. Belching loudly...yet another hidden talent :)