Truth in Fiction Happy by Pharrell Williams

I love, love, love this book. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the song, so when the book was published I had to get it in my hot little hands, and I am so glad I did. The photographs in this book are amazing. They feature bright, colorful, joyful young people diverse in age, size, and ethnicity. Because I had fun reading this book, I am an official Happy Helper! My duty as a Happy Helper is to pass this book along and spread happiness.

The book itself is simply the lyrics to the song, BUT with the wonderful photographs I mentioned above. At the end of the book, Pharrell writes a letter to readers. In that letter, Pharrell writes several statements that I consider to be truthful. 


Everyone knows how to do something that makes people happy.

I believe it's everyone's responsibility to bring more laughter into the world.

It's pretty obvious every human being on the planet needs to feel happy.

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