Resolve to Rock 2015

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Storytime Underground asked the Youth Services Providers across internetland to share their professional goals for 2015. I am resolved to rock in 2015, and here are my professional goals.

1. Create connections, community, and writings that have a positive impact on the world and those with whom I share this beautiful planet. I am in the unique and wonderful position of opening a brand new library branch, with a brand new building, and a brand new collection this year. My new library community deserves the absolute best, as does every community.

2. Read review journals, blogs, and professional literature. The queue of blog posts that I need to read is ridiculous; add to that the fact that I have stacks of journals at work and at home. I need to make time to read more of these publications and to do so in a timely manner. I need to keep up with my professional reading.

3. Learn Spanish AND maintain my French language skills. My new library community consists of a large number of Spanish speakers. I have to at least make an effort to learn Spanish, so that I can serve the community to the best of my abilities. While I am learning Spanish, I do not want to lose my French. I rarely use French here, but I do when I travel. And I just love the language.

4. Attend an awesome library conference. I am already scheduled to present at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference which is always awesome, but I am super excited about the possibility of attending my first NCAAL.

5. Schedule my blog posts. There have been several occasions when I thought I had published a post, but nope I look and the post is still in my Drafts. Of course by the time I think to look , I am writing a new blog post, and oftentimes the previous post is dated and/or no longer relevant for whatever reason.There is really no reason for that to happen when I know how to schedule.

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