Truth in Fiction - P.S. Be Eleven Rita Williams Garcia

P.S. Be Eleven
Don't concern yourself with old things. Concern yourself with finding your own thing. But don't rush. Listen to Billie sing, "God bless the child who has her own." Enjoy the time it takes to find your own. Study hard.
Your Mother,
P.S. Be eleven
I was eleven. How could you become what you already were? p. 59
My name is growing up with me. As I am defined, then my name is defined and shaped around me like clothing. Cecile, p 108
It is a bad thing to bite into hard fruit with little teeth. You will say bad things about the fruit when the problem is your teeth. I want you to read this book. I want you to know THINGS FALL APART. Fourteen is a good age to find Chinua Achebe
Cecile to Delphine Re: Reading Chinua Achebe at 11
The only think I knew for sure was that Pa didn't want his own brother in the house. I knew that Uncle Darnell wasn't himself, but was that a reason to stop loving him? Was it all right to stop loving someone you're supposed to always love. p. 188
I know you'll read this now, but wait two years. Fourteen is a good age to read this book and sixteen is even better.
Cecile to Delphine Re: Reading Chinua Achebe
"Delphine, you need to also know you're a lady. It's always a lady's choice and never the other way around."
Pa to Delphine before the sixth grade dance

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