World Read Aloud Day Blog Challenge

This year I have accepted the World Read Aloud Blogging Challenge. This is my first post in the challenge. Be sure to visit litworld.org to sign up for World Read Aloud Day and for ideas on how to celebrate WRAD!

Week 1 February 10 - February 16
What do you think is special about reading aloud?
  1. Reading aloud builds community
  2. Reading aloud is fun and theatrical
  3. Reading aloud opens new worlds to readers and non-readers alike
  4. Reading aloud allows the reader to express emotions for which they may not have the words
  5. Reading aloud provides an "excuse" to cuddle up, or at least share space, with others
  6. Reading aloud broadens horizons
  7. Reading aloud makes classes of students cheer for fictional characters
  8. Reading aloud creates a shared experience
  9. Reading aloud nurtures the heart, soul, and mind
  10. Reading aloud shows that you care 

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