The Best Part of the Interview: Storytime Fun

I recently interviewed for a position as a youth services librarian. As part of the interview process, candidates were required to perform a storytime that was videotaped and later posted to YouTube so that the entire staff could see all of the candidates. I enjoyed storytime immensely, but must admit that it was difficult for me to "perform" for a camera instead of a live audience of enraptured children and parents. Below is my storytime plan.

Welcome & Introduction

Opening songs
Hello, My Friends, Hello (repeated weekly)
The More We Read Together (repeated weekly) 

Clap Your Hands
Clap your hands, clap your hands,
Clap them just like me.
Touch your shoulders, touch your shoulders,
Touch them just like me.
Tap your knees, tap your knees,
Tap them just like me.
Shake your head, shake your head,
Shake it just like me.
Clap your hands, clap your hands.
Now let them quiet be.

Early Literacy Tip: Sing songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and point out the body parts as you name them. It’s a great way to increase vocabulary.

The theme for this week is Feathered Friends and today we will be working on the letter Bb. Our first book today is Birds by Kevin Henkes.

Book Birds by Kevin Henkes Illustrated by Laura Dronzek
Book Little Quack by LaurenThompson

Fingerplay/Action Rhyme/Song
In the Forest a song in ASL and English (to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”)

The RABBITS in the forest go hop, hop, hop,
Hop, hop, hop,hop, hop, hop
The RABBITS in the forest go hop, hop, hop,
All day long.

The BIRDS in the forest go flap, flap, flap...
The SQUIRRELS in the forest go climb, climb, climb...
The DEER in the forest go run, run, run...
The FROGS in the forest go ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...
The BEARS in the forest go grr, grr, grr

Book The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend

Fingerplay/Action Rhyme/Song
*Shaker Song ( to the tune of “London Bridges is Falling Down”)

Shake your shaker in the air
shake it here shake it there
Shake your shaker in the air,
Shake your shaker.

Shake it high and shake it low.
Shake it yes and shake it no.
Shake it high and shake it low
Shake your shaker.

Shake it up and shake it down
Rub your shaker on the ground.
Shake it up and shake it down
Shake your shaker.

One, two, shake it on your shoe.
Three, four, shake it on the floor.
Five, six, stir and mix.
Seven, eight, stand up straight.
Nine, ten, wave to all your friends.

Closing song
Goodbye, My Friends, Goodbye

Thank attendees/Announcements of other relevant programs/Encourage checkout of displayed and/or other books

Materials: bird pattern, craft stick, crayons, googly eyes, and glue sticks,
Provide materials on a paper plate for caregivers and patrons to complete the craft together
1. Choose a bird and color the picture.
2. Glue the bird to a craft stick.
3. Share your storytime adventures with someone.

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